Children's March

Birmingham, 1963

To help understand the spirit of the Black Youth Success Movement, it is important for every member to watch the Children’s March documentary. Black Youth played a very important role in helping the adults with the Civil Rights Movement during a critical period. The Youth accomplished something the adults could not.

We face something similar today. There is significant inequity in the education system. We believe the Youth can unite and help the nation solve the reading crisis. Black Youth can lead the nation to create education equity.

Please watch the documentary with your children and discuss.

Teacher’s Guides to the Children’s March

The Black Youth Success Movement operates under Success4rkids, a 501c3 nonprofit based in Akron, Ohio. Although we focus on uplifting Black Youth, all youth are welcome. Imagine if all Black Youth achieved their full potential, created educational equity and led the nation in solving the reading crisis for all students.

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