Family Ambassador

Family Ambassadors are the heart of the Movement.

They connect the Movement to Families and Students.

They make the magic of the Movement work to accomplish the mission.

They guide families and students on their Movement journey.

They connect families to resources, answer questions, and help students complete their training.

We will have Family Ambassadors at the national level who work with families remotely.

Over time, we plan to create Villages locally to support most families.

Wherever we can create a Village, we will need Family Ambassadors to engage and support families and students.

Initially we must depend upon volunteers to fulfill this role.

Over time as we are able to raise sufficient funds, we will explore providing a stipend.

To keep things manageable, a typical Family Ambassadors would manage 5-10 students.

If a person has more time and desire, they can be allocated more students.

Most of the interactions would be done remotely.

So a computer with Internet access is needed.

On occasion, each local Village may have events to engage families and students in a group format.

Except in unusual circumstances, Family Ambassadors would not work directly with students independently, only remotely, or in groups.

As appropriate, a background check may be required in situations where students are training in groups in an after-school program.


Help recruit families and students.

Guide families and students through orientation.

Set up Reading Kingdom account as appropriate.

Guide families through the various Skill Scan elements as appropriate.

Provide support as needed to families and students.

Once a student is set up and doing the training properly, the Family Ambassador would log into their administrative account and check on the status of each student on a weekly basis. More often if the student is not training properly.

The Family Ambassador would interact with families with a brief communication to let the parents know how consistently the student is training and how well they are doing.

If the student is not training consistently, or is stuck, the Family Ambassador would have to explore further to understand the situation.

Each family and student may require different levels of encouragement.

Time requirements:

  1. It will take 2-5 hours to review materials and complete the Family Ambassador orientation.

  2. It will take 1-3 hours to guide each family and student through the orientation process and get the student set up to do the training. We will create videos to help with this process.

  3. Some families may have more challenges than others, so it may take more time to get some families and students going properly.

  4. Once a student is training properly, it should only take a few hours per week to review status online for all students and communicate a progress report to parents.

  5. If a student is not training properly or is struggling, it will take more time to attend to the situation and find a way to help each student train properly.

Learning how to be a Family Ambassador

Step 1. Complete the New Member Orientation

Step 2. Complete the Family Orientation

Step 3. Train on how to set up and monitor students in Reading Kingdom. This will be done via zoom trainings initially.

Step 4, When ready, learn how to set up and monitor students in the Gibson test and BrainSkill Training System. This will also be done via zoom trainings initially.

Family Ambassador MOU and Confidentiality Agreement


How to register a student in Reading Kingdom



How to set up a teacher account in Reading Kingdom


How to register a student in the Gibson Test and BrainSkills Admin system

How to administer the Gibson Test


Training protocols for BrainSkills

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