Volunteer Orientation

Thank you for volunteering to help the Movement.

There is basic information that would be helpful for all volunteers to know.

You can review this information on the New Member and Family Orientation pages.

There are two levels where volunteers can help: national and local.

Initially, most of the need will be at the national level.

We will need help to respond to all new members remotely until we can build new villages where the interactions will be local.

The biggest need will be for Family Ambassadors.

Please review the orientation for Family Ambassadors.

However, we will need help at all levels:

Serve on advisory board

Membership recruiting and management

Well-being and inequity project management

Partner development


General administration

Social media


Initially we will respond directly to volunteers who express an interest in helping at the national level. We can communicate via email and zoom meetings as appropriate.

As we build the national volunteer team, the team can take over the various tasks which will allow the Movement to grow and serve more families.

Longer-term, the goal is to build Villages.

The Black Youth Success Movement operates under Success4rkids, a 501c3 nonprofit based in Akron, Ohio. Although we focus on uplifting Black Youth, all youth are welcome. Imagine if all Black Youth achieved their full potential, created educational equity and led the nation in solving the reading crisis for all students.

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